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Surround Sound

If you're installing a new TV or a home theater you should seriously consider installing a surround sound - otherwise you'll be missing out on a vital part of the home theater experience!  Literally and figuratively, surround sound adds a new dimension to home theater.  It is the experience of being immersed into the movie action itself.  Although ordinary speakers will mimic the sounds of the movie, the surround sound speakers will provide greater quality and make you feel as if you're sitting right in the center of the action on the screen.


The applications of surround sound have expanded to encompass much more than just movies. Digital TV broadcasts and high-fidelity music have evolved to take advantage of the dramatically intensified experience that multichannel audio provides.


Correct home theater speaker placement is the key to a seamless 'enveloping' surround sound so important in a home theater experience. Effort invested in achieving a correct speaker placement with respect to your TV and seating position will surely pay off as a big improvement in the overall sonic performance of your home theater room.


We understand the specifics behind surround sound speaker placement and how they will operate in your home theater environment.  We will work with you to design and install a system that will result in an immersive sound at a price that you can afford.