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Service Upgrades

Your electrical service panel is more than the main distribution point for you home's electricity.  It is also an important safety device that cuts the power in the event of a problem.  


In the past, residential buildings were constructed with relatively small service panels and a minimal amount of available circuitry.  Lighting and electronic appliances were not nearly as prevalent as they are today.  


Unfortunately, this has changed dramatically in the recent years.  Along with the "Space Age" and "Information Age" have come a myriad of new electronic appliances and technologies to our homes.  It seems that every new piece of equipment requires its own circuit to operate effectively.  


As a result, the capabilities, quality and condition of your homes electrical system has become very important.  Servicing it, replacing it, or upgrading it has become a necessary part of maintaining your home when your panel is overloaded or damaged.


If you notice things like tripping breakers, humming or buzzing, flickering lights or intermittent power then upgrading it may be necessary.  We are happy to provide electrical service panel repairs, upgrades, change-outs and sub-panel installations.  


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