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Bath Fans

Because moisture is a bathrooms biggest enemy, you must vent the hot, moist air out of the bathroom. Without doing this paint will peel, doors will warp and you run the risk of mold.


A simple bathroom exhaust fan can greatly reduce or eliminate the many problems created by excess moisture.


Here are some helpful tips for a successful bath fan installation:


  • Run your bathroom exhaust fan during your bath or shower and then for 30 minutes after you finish to eliminate moisture buildup.


  • Consider a timer instead of a switch. The Home Ventilating Institute recommends that your fan be capable of achieving 8 air changes per hour - with the exhaust of air continuing for 20 minutes after use of the bathroom. Using a timer will help you achieve the extra run time without having to remember to come back and turn it off.  


  • Purchase a fan that is correctly sized for your bathroom.  

            First find the volume of the bathroom.      Volume = length x width x height

            Find the CFM (cubic feet per minute).       Volume / 7.5

            CFM is the minimum airflow required to achieve 8 air exchanges per hour.


  • Choose your fan based on how quiet you want it.  Try and install the quietest fan you can afford. Ideally you don't even want to know it is on. However, the price of the fans rise as the noise levels go down.


  • Consider additional options before you choose a model or make of fan.  These options can include aesthetics, light kit, heater, night light, etc.  


Anything Electric can provide you with the technical advise that you need, as well as furnish you with a fan that meets your needs and the expertise to install it.      

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